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MYNA or MYNAH (both: m´n), common name for a type of Asian starling found chiefly in India and Sri Lanka and known for its power of mimicry. Most familiar is the hill myna, Gracula religiosa, a large (12-15 in./30-38 cm), glossy black bird with yellow head wattles. It is a forest dweller and lives mostly on fruits. In the wild state its calls vary from low chuckles to loud whistles; when trained it is a better mimic than the parrot. The common myna of S Asia, genus Acridotheres, is smaller (10 in./25 cm) and not so good a mimic. The Papuan myna is found on the islands of the S Pacific. Some species, such as the Buli mynah, are highly endangered. Mynas are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Passeriformes, family Sturnidae.

Welcome to IT Consulting

Services Provided

Hello and welcome to Myna IT Consulting. We provide a variety of IT services for clients. Hardware:

  • Hardware: Workstations, Servers, Apple Macintosch, personal computers, printers and scanners.
  • Software: Microsoft Office, Adobe suite, and many open source source solutions.
  • Network services: Web server, printing, network drives/storage, DNS, DHCP, and Authenication.
  • Website development: Design, ditial image manipulation, animation, web 2.0, PHP, CSS, XML, mySQL, and general server admin

What is Myna Web Development all about ?


Many recent incredible advances in webpage technology have been described as 'Web 2.0' evolution.

  • To have valid CSS and XHTML coding
  • Original appearance
  • Highly functional and accessible
  • User Centered design and devlopment
  • 'Tight' and simple coding, using advanced CSS to simplify and standardize webpages in a website.
  • Use technology such as RSS, JSS, and Dynamic HTML with XML, to minimize traffic and loading times.
  • Offer customized 'User experience' for return customers, track options and preferences.
  • Allow flexible for user input and encourage cooperative environments

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